Any reasonable person might get a bit confused at the continuity of Worms, the perennial "lob stuff across the 2D map and watch it blow up" simulator. According to the franchise Wikipedia page, there have ben no less than 23 Worms games before this one, and at least one of them (from 2005) has been named Worms 4. Paradoxically, Worms 2: Armageddon and Worms 3 came after that Worms 4 (Mayhem), and now we're back to 4 again, this time with no subtitle. Maybe it's because this is the fourth Worms game to be available on mobile, if you include the disastrous version licensed by EA.

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Anyway. Worms 4. After a few months on iOS it's now available in the Play Store. You could be forgiven for passing over this one, since the core ballistic gameplay of Worms hasn't changed in a couple of decades - if you've somehow avoided playing it up to now, it's more or less a cartoony version of Scorched Earth and other multiplayer tank games. And indeed, Worms 4 includes tiny cartoon worms that spout pop culture references in squeaky voices, ridiculous weapons, and addictive multiplayer, just as expected.

But that's not all. In addition to a general improvement of the 2D graphics plus better controls and menus for mobile, the latest game restructures the whole experience so that it makes more sense on a phone or tablet. Scoring is given the familiar three-star treatment, live online multiplayer is one-on-one so that rounds are fast (and so half the players don't drop out), and the overworld now has a more dynamic social system. Players are divided into factions worldwide, and every victory or defeat contributes to the larger conflict. The game has a selection of new weapons and movement tools as well.

Worms 4 is available for phones and tablets, but not Android TV, more's the pity. It costs $2.49 to get in, and there are in-app purchases for currency, but they only go up to about $4.

Worms 4
Worms 4
Price: $5.49+