The great uncable-ing is upon us. Say goodbye to cable networks and expensive plans. Say hello to Internet streaming and an overabundance of inexpensive plans that eventually add up to something kinda expensive. NBC's Seeso is the latest video streaming service you can download from Google Play.

Okay, NBC isn't a cable channel. You can get all the access you want by hooking up an antenna to your TV. But really, we know that's not how you use your TV anymore. NBC knows this even more. Broadcast television has seen better days, and it's looking for ways to stay relevant. Besides, NBC owns some content that you don't see on its broadcast channel.

Seeso1 Seeso3 Seeso2

Seeso provides Jimmy Fallon clips, stand up specials from Jay Pharoah and Wyatt Cenac, live streaming shows like The Barrel House in San Francisco, and remastered versions of Monty Python. In addition to the likes of 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, The IT Crowd, and The Office (both US and UK), you also get original series like Bajillion Dollar Properties and The Cyanide & Happiness Show.


This content costs $3.99, half the price of a Netflix or Hulu account. Unlike the latter, there are no ads. You can try out the service using a guest account at the link below.

Price: Free+