With winter approaching and the possibility of getting snowed in, there's a certain comfort that comes from knowing your phone can stay active throughout a week-long power outage. Being able to place calls and derp around online (assuming the towers are still active) is like a super power.

But you aren't born with that innate gift. First you have to buy an external battery pack to replenish your phone's reserves when that icon in the corner goes empty, and preferably a big one.

Right now the ZeroLemon ToughJuice pack with a whopping 30000mAh capacity is available from NewEgg for only $32.99. To put that in perspective, Amazon is selling the battery for $89.99, and it's calling that a discount from $129.99. StackSocial wants $59.99 for the same battery, less than Amazon but still twice as much as NewEgg.

The ToughJuice power bank doesn't come with quick charging, but it does have four USB ports. You get 2.4A for demanding gadgets and 1A for others. The entire product is wrapped in a durable exterior made of a soft shell and hard plastic, so it should be able to hold up to a fair amount of abuse.

The offer will end on January 9th. That gives you some time to think, so long as the site doesn't run out of stock.