Remember Screen? It was Yahoo's 2013 video portal venture that aimed to bring clips from renowned sources like Saturday Night Live, BuzzFeed, and College Humor into one single service that's easy to browse. The corresponding Android app launched less than two years ago, and was actually quite decent for what it aimed to do. But alas, Screen is no more. Yahoo just called it quits and shattered its Screen.

Despite some original programming and lots of money spent on getting the service started and keeping it going, Screen's viewership stayed flat from February 2014 to September 2015. Compared to other video services that were growing rapidly, this wasn't good news and is the main reason for the decision to shut it down. It didn't help that two high-level Screen executives had left the company recently.

Even Community, a cult TV show that found Yahoo as its exclusive home for its sixth season, couldn't bring enough eyeballs to Screen. And to be honest, that's not Screen's fault. It was one of the most tedious, boring, and overdone seasons of the show to date, and a long way from what it had been in its prime. If you ask me, that was a waste of many millions of dollars.

Users trying to visit the Screen site will be redirected to Yahoo's homepage and all of the media files that used to reside on the service have been moved to Yahoo Music and Yahoo TV.

Alternate title: Yahoo Pulls The Plug And Turns Off Its Screen