The monthly security update for January is starting to roll out to Nexus devices. Factory images turned up yesterday morning and now we've got some changelogs from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) if you're interested in taking a deeper look at exactly how things have been tweaked.

Unlike the 6.0.1 release in December, this month's adjustments appear to be entirely focused on security fixes. Google has a bulletin describing the relevant security issues addressed with this release. There are also a couple of builds specific to the Pixel C, including one that appears quite large. Like some of the previous changelogs, this is merely because it technically starts from a base version (i.e. Android Wear 5.1.1) and incorporates all of the patches made since then. The other update merely increments a build number, which means the changes were probably made to the Pixel C's proprietary hardware binaries or to the other partitions included with its factory image.

As always, if there's anything interesting beyond the security fixes, or maybe something special about how something was fixed, drop a line in the comments.