Tablets are a tricky business. For a while there, it looked like tablets might well overwhelm the consumer laptop market with their excellent portability, wireless accessory prowess, and generally better-than-a-laptop battery life. Everyone was also pretty hip on the novelty of the touchscreen in the early tablet days, too, and laptops had yet to really catch up on that front.

But the tablet market has now begun to stagnate, and competition has become more heated than ever before. Ultraportable convertible devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and other similar form factor experiments are attempting to prove that a tablet can be a real laptop, or vice-versa.

Even the long-dominant iPad is struggling to stay relevant in a market where the lines between laptop and tablet are increasingly blurred, and Google's own attempt at an in-between sort of device, the Pixel C, hasn't met with a particularly good critical reception.

This leads me to this week's question: what is the more critical weakness for Android tablets? Is it content or is it the operating system? On the one hand, you've had people arguing for years that the iPad's curated ecosystem of tablet-specific content has been a major leg up on competing Android devices, though that's substantially less true than it was even a couple of years ago. Is content still king on tablets, or are people demanding more functionality out of them? That leads us to the second option. Android on a tablet is still basically just Android on a phone with a few small tweaks. No multi-window, no picture in picture video, a truly lackluster experience when using a mouse instead of the touchscreen, an interface that makes less than great use of screen real estate - all valid points about the current state of Android tablets.

So, is it the content, or is it the concept? What should be the core focus of improving Android tablets? Or, do you think neither is a particularly big problem for Android tablets? Justify your vote in the comments section, below!

What's the bigger problem for Android tablets: content or the operating system itself?

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