Misfit's popular Flash activity tracker was recently released in a special Cyclist edition, which has a similar price to the original at just $50 but adds a key sensor of interest for those who ride bicycles: cadence. The only "catch" when it comes to fitness sensors like this is that you need software to interpret the data for you. Today's release of the Misfit Cycling app for Android provides just that.

Misfit Cycling is designed as a standalone app for use as a workout tracker, providing real-time GPS and cadence data. For general activity tracking, users will go to the main Misfit app that owners of the original Flash are familiar with. Those who are already locked into MapMyRide or one of a few other bike tracking apps can use Misfit Cycling to send the Flash Cyclist Edition's data to the other services as well.

If you were an early adopter of the Flash Cyclist Edition, your wait for the Android companion app is over. Head to the Play Store to download.

Misfit Cycling
Misfit Cycling
Developer: Fossil Group, Inc.
Price: Free