Google's attempt to make a wearable face computer didn't go so well, but maybe the masses just weren't ready. Now, Google Glass is reportedly on its way to businesses with a new Enterprise Edition. This assumes even businesses have a use for Glass. Google has yet to acknowledge the existence of this device, but images are now up on the FCC's website. It looks a lot like the original Explorer Edition Glass.

The most notable difference in the photos is a hinge just behind the main prism assembly. This allows the device to be closed like a proper pair of glasses. This was one of the most requested features in the Explorer program. The internals have also been upgraded from the ancient OMAP chip powering the original Glass—the specifics aren't clear, but we know it will support 5GHz WiFi. The prism is larger and more durable as well.

Google is expected to make this version of Glass available only to Glass for Work partners. It may not even run Google's software, but rather be a platform for companies to load custom tools for their businesses. Sources claim that a few hundred units have already been distributed as a test, but there's nothing official from Google. The certification was started back in spring 2015, so if Google is going to do something with this device, it'll probably be soon.