The video capture app FiLMiC Pro has been on iOS since time immemorial, but now it's on Android too. It brings the kind of granularity and power to video recording that we've thus far really only gotten with still photos on Android. It'll cost you, though, and device compatibility is spotty.

This app uses the Camera2 API, so if the maker of your device has opted not to include that (boo), you won't be able to install FiLMiC Pro. The advanced settings enabled by the updated API allow FiLMiC Pro to offer manual exposure, ISO, color temperature, and more. It also supports features like variable bitrate encoding and customizable audio sampling.

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FiLMiC Pro costs $9.99, the same as it does on iOS. You'll be able to get it on devices like the Nexus 6P/5X, LG V10, Galaxy S6, and OnePlus 2. The developers point out that not all features will work on all devices, though.

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