The price-per-gigabyte of microSD cards has absolutely plummeted over the last 5 years. Yesterday, Amazon had a 24-hour deal on a SanDisk 200GB microSD for just $80. That's scarcely more than what a decent 240GB SSD costs these days.

So, does your smartphone have a microSD slot? We know most of our audience are Nexus phone users, so most of you should answer "no" to this question just based on our web metrics. But I'm more interested in, if it does have one, whether or not you actually use it.

MicroSD cards have something of a tortured history in relation to Android smartphones. Initially, they were all but required given the meager amount of internal storage in your typical Android phone. Apps-to-SD support was then added in Android 2.2 Froyo, and it looked like Google was ready to adopt the microSD card as a standard Android feature.

And then they weren't. Google really put the hammer down on the flexibility of microSD cards in Android 4.4 KitKat. We entered the darks years of the SD card on Android, with manufacturers implementing their own apps-to-SD solutions and many starting to forego microSD slots at all on their devices, following Google's lead.

Marshmallow flipped all that completely on its head, though. MicroSD cards are now fully adoptable as system storage, no strings attached - they just work as if you'd suddenly increased your phone's NAND capacity (of course, probably a bit more slowly). While few phones yet have Marshmallow, those that get the upgrade will also get this new feature.

But I'm way off in the weeds now for our little poll, so let's get voting, and discuss your answers and microSD experiences (good or bad) in the comments below.

Does your phone have a microSD slot?

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