We've all had to deal with slippery phones before, and it's terrible. The fear of dropping your brand new gadget is a constant dark cloud that oftentimes takes away some of the joy one generally feels when they get a new device. No one wants that.

According to many reviews—both professional and personal—that's one of the biggest issues with the newest OnePlus handset, the X. While elegantly designed and aesthetically very pleasing, it's also difficult to keep in the hand. To make matters worse, it's also a fingerprint magnet. Those two things combined can make for a pretty bad experience when it comes to holding the phone.

The good news is that dbrand is here to fix those issues with its new OnePlus X skins. Not only will your phone feel better than ever, but it will arguably look better as well. No more fingerprints! Other OnePlus owners aren't left out in the cold either—dbrand has those covered, too. Literally.

Like most other devices, the skins for the OPX cover basically everything you'd want: back, front, sides, and even the OnePlus logo. Each piece is available for purchase individually, so you can mix and match, only cover parts of the phone, or any combination you can think of. And at $9 for the front, $5 each for the back and sides, and $1 for the logo, they're all affordable as well. Considering dbrand's killer quality, it's definitely worth the upgrade.

The one issue many users have before they try dbrand skins is the idea that they're difficult to apply. That's simply not the case; in fact, the company has very detailed and easy to follow instructional videos just that show just how easy it really is. Here's the one for the OPX as a reference before you pull the trigger on some skins:

See? Not hard at all. If you're ready to buy, can you head here to go straight to the OPX skins, or here for all OnePlus skins. But if you have another phone (or tablet, or game console…), head here to check out everything dbrand has to offer.

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