The YouTube app's hamburgerless layout has been with us for a while now, and while it's gotten a mixed bag of reactions, Google is still iterating on it slowly but surely. It seems like the latest development is a new layout on tablets for the subscription tab.

Previously, a strip of avatars lined the top of the content area, with blue dots to indicate whether the channel had a new video for you. In the new layout - which seems to be rolling out pretty quickly from the server-side judging from our inbox - subs have their own sort of pseudo-drawer on the left of the screen. It can be expanded to show channel names and new video counts, or collapsed back to just the avatar lineup.

Here's a quick comparison between old and new:

Screenshot_20151222-175644 (1) 0

Left: old, Right: new

It seems like a small change, but it's a big step up in terms of quickly providing information about your subscriptions. Plus, it's refreshing to see Google lending some attention to their tablet layouts. Not naming any names, Hangouts...

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