Google kept several parts of Motorola when it sold the remainder to Lenovo. It got a bunch of patents, Project Ara, and of course, Spotlight Stories. These used to be confined to an app, but today Google is bringing the 360-degree videos to YouTube.

This follows Google's announcement earlier this year of 360-degree video on YouTube, so Spotlight Stories were a natural fit. These videos work best on mobile devices, but you can also click and drag around on a computer. The sensors in the phone let you move around to see different parts of the story, and the video can also be watched with Google Cardboard for a more immersive experience.

Special Delivery is described as a "Pink Panther-style holiday caper" from award winning animation studio Aardman Animations. There are 10 different sub-plots to discover, three different endings, and 60 moments (whatever that means) to be found just by looking around. The Spotlight Stories YouTube channel only has the one full story right now. Google says it's going to do more with Spotlight Stories next year, but it's not clear if that will be all YouTube or if the app will still be used.