The saga of OUYA is a cautionary tale of how hard it is to build a new gaming platform. After an initial crowdfunding success, OUYA had trouble attracting developers and keeping gamers interested. The company was gobbled up by gaming giant Razer earlier this year, and now the OUYA store is back as Cortex for the Android TV-powered Forge TV.

All the content that was available in the OUYA store is still available in Cortex, and Razer says more games will be added soon. Just like in the OUYA days, Cortex is a parallel game ecosystem to the Play Store. So, the content you own in one does not transfer to the other. At least in this case, Cortex is running on a piece of hardware that has Play Store access as well. With both stores, the Forge TV should have a lot of gaming options.

Razer says it employs a proprietary algorithm to produce superior recommendations for players. However, only Forge TV owners will be able to put that claim to the test. The Cortex store is available exclusively on that piece of hardware via a system update today. Anyone who signs up for Cortex will get a $10 credit to buy some games and give it a shot.

Additional details

Razer has added that Netflix compatibility is still not ready, which is insane. They're working on it, though. Also, the Turret keyboard/mouse rig should be ready soon. The mouse will apparently be magnetic to keep it from falling off.