There's still time to squeeze one more Action Launcher update in this year, and it's a big one. The latest version of Action Launcher makes a myriad of tweaks and adds two new icon-related features, one of which will sound a little familiar.

Here's the full changelog for Action Launcher v3.7.

  • NEW: Introducing Quickedit, a brand new way of editing icons. Pick up & put down the icon, then watch as suggestions from your icon packs are automatically presented to you. No more digging around in all your icon packs to see which has the best looking icon for a particular app!
  • NEW: Quickedit contains shortcuts to uninstall an app, view the system info for the app and view the app in the Play Store.
  • NEW: Smartsize icons (Beta): marvel as your icons are automatically resized to match Material Design's recommended icon size.
  • NEW: Automatically change Google Calendar app icon to match the current day of the month (configurable via Settings -> Display -> Day-themed calendar icons).
  • NEW: Support Marshmallow's permission system.
  • NEW: When running Android 6.0 or later, use Marshmallow's reveal app open animation by default.
  • NEW: In-built icon pack for Marshmallow-themed icons for system apps.
  • NEW: When selecting an image from a gallery app to use as an icon, the image can be cropped and/or resized.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Use of icon packs no longer requires Plus upgrade.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Completely overhauled icon picker, especially related to the grouping of icons.
  • IMPROVEMENT: When changing an icon/label for a shortcut, the icon/label changes will automatically be
    applied to that item in the All Apps/Quickdrawer (and vice-versa).
  • IMPROVEMENT: When editing an icon whilst using an icon pack, can now quickly select the icon's stock
    icon as well as the icon pack's default icon for that app.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Reduce gap between icons and icon text when using Smartsize icons.
  • IMPROVEMENT: All widgets can be resized to be as small as you desire (the widget's recommended size be damned!).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Update wallpaper picker to match Marshmallow styling.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Use updated Google logo/colors on Quickbar when in landscape on phones/7" tablets.
  • BUG FIX: Fix issue caused by pressing Back multiple times when the widget picker is displaying.
  • BUG FIX: Dynamic calendar icons change each day when using icons from an icon pack.
  • BUG FIX: When dragging an item from All Apps/Quickdrawer that has a custom icon set, that custom icon will be used for the new shortcut.
  • BUG FIX: Items in All Apps/Quickdrawer with custom icons set no longer see their custom icon temporarily reverted to the stock icon when the app updates.
  • BUG FIX: Fix issue where removing a Shutter from a shortcut would force the icon back to its default icon.
  • BUG FIX: Fix no icon displaying on the Edit icon dialog when selecting "Icon default" when customizing All Apps/Quickdrawer items.
  • BUG FIX: Fix the wrong Quicktheme colors sometimes being applied when the wallpaper changes.
  • BUG FIX: Quickfind works when searching for items with names made up of multiple words.

The Quickedit UI for changing icons will be great for anyone with a few icon packs installed. It uses the Android bottom sheet panel to suggest alternative icons from your packs, and also links to apps like Photos and Dropbox so you can apply custom images as icons. It's a lot faster than the old menu. You can also uninstall or change an icon label here.

Smartsize is also a pretty cool addition. This feature will resize the icons on your home screen so none of them will look too large or too small. This is, of course, similar to the Nova Launcher icon normalization feature from a few months ago. I can't say yet if either one works better than the other, but you can grab the Action Launcher update from the Play Store or APK Mirror to check it out.


Also, the new Action Launcher update adds a "supporter program," which offers you the opportunity to pay more money, assuming you really, really like Action Launcher. This is a one-time donation in addition to the regular pro upgrade. It only shows up if you purchased Action Launcher more than six months ago. You get a fancy supporter badge in the settings and three exclusive wallpapers. So, that's a thing you can do if you want. If not, it can be safely ignored.

Action Launcher: Pixel Edition
Action Launcher: Pixel Edition