Welcome to the latest entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of the day that we couldn't get to during our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick update for the dedicated gamers who can't wait for our bi-weekly roundups, and don't want to wade through a whole day's worth of news just to get their pixelated fix. Today we've got another entry in the well-loved Lifeline series, a gorgeous top-down puzzler, a clever platformer, two tactical RPGs based on high-end game franchises, a boat battler, and a spiffy sci-fi endless runner. Without further ado:

Lifeline: Silent Night

The Lifeline series has been popular for bringing story-driven RPG elements into a sort of augmented reality mobile format. The latest entry refocuses on the original protagonist, Taylor, as he makes his way through another suspenseful text-based storyline driven by the responses of the player. Like Lifeline 2, Silent Night includes support for notifications (which let you continue the story without opening the app) and responding via Android Wear.


Taylor is back in a suspenseful, new, real-time adventure for Android and Android Wear – Lifeline: Silent Night. Your choices shape the story as you play, and could mean life or death for one intrepid space explorer. The hearts and imaginations of countless players worldwide were captured when the original Lifeline took Android by storm and now Taylor needs your help again in Lifeline: Silent Night.


Maestria is a puzzle game that tasks the player with ringing bells in the right order to clear the stage. The concept isn't all that deep, but the presentation is amazing: the isometric 3D stages mix the perspective of Monument Valley with a pastel color scheme and an impressively varied set of stages. And speaking of which, there are more than 160 of them for just $2 with no in-app purchases.


Maestria is a new kind of puzzle game in which you will help Fugue bring back Harmony in eight enchanting worlds. In order to win, you just need to ring the bells in the correct order. Easy enough... But will you find a solution to the 160 levels of the game?

Developer: Antoine Latour
Price: Free

The Beggar's Ride

If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. If wishes were 2D mobile platformers with a focus on puzzle-solving and exploration, at least one of them might be this game. The player explores the various stages in search of clues and solutions to advance the mild fantasy story. Progressing through the game unlocks new powers in a Metroidvania-style, and there are no ads or in-app purchases.


One night an old man found a mysterious mask; a key to a world hidden on the other side of the rain. It was destined for a hero, a champion, a saviour, but the old man was just a beggar. Uncover the secrets held within the mask as you journey through strange and beautiful lands wielding god like powers over the world around you and discover the truth behind who The Beggar really is.

Developer: Bad Seed
Price: $3.99

Narborion Origins: Lord Malbor

Lord Malbor is a turn-based battle game that tries to emulate tabletop RPGs, in the style of the Narborian Saga games that the story is based on. You take on the mantle of the titular character (before he goes all Anakin Skywalker) as he and his young friends go dungeon diving underneath their boarding school. Players of tabletop and pen-and-paper RPGs should enjoy it. The game costs just a dollar.


Terrible things are about to happen in the Fangor Boarding School. Will you be able to turn the tide of history, or will you become Lord Malbor, dreaded master vampire and ally of Mordon, Lord of Darkness? Play as the young Lord Malbor and his two friends Shamos and Cormus. Join the Secret Society of Sorcerers' Siblings and uncover the mysteries of the dark powers. Enter the ever-changing crypt underneath the school and find out what's happening in the dark.


Fortress: Destroyer

Fortress: Destroyer is a top-down boat battle game with RPG-style progression. You'll steer and shoot across the water as you take down bigger and bigger opponents to build both your personal ship and your fleet into aquatic killing machines. The game includes both singleplayer and multiplayer modes, though you might want to avoid the latter if you're not interested in perusing the in-game store for IAP.


Build the biggest, most blisteringly powerful battleship fleet imaginable, then fight back against the tyrannical Blackwater navy in this innovative action-RPG from the makers of Bloons TD 5. Choose one of 3 ship classes, fill multiple gun slots with powerful weapons, and add Modules to get new abilities. Take your custom ship build into one of 15 missions, and unleash pure havoc as you target your weapons, ram enemies into gibs, and trigger ocean boiling special abilities.

Developer: ninja kiwi
Price: Free+

Metro 2033: Wars

The Metro series of PC shooters is actually based on a series of Russian novels, which also provide the inspiration for this top-down tactical RPG. Fight through the post-apocalyptic world to best both human enemies and mutated critters, then take refuge in subway stations, the only part of the world that hasn't been destroyed. The game features a ton of different enemies and factions, plus a trading system and base-builder. Metro 2033: Wars is pricey at $8, but there are no in-app purchases.


It’s the year 2033 and the entirety of the world has been reduced to nuclear rubble. Humanity is nearing extinction and radiation is making even the most basic surface dwelling, uninhabitable. New life forms have arisen that are far better adapted to this new dark, damp and alien-like world. Bands of survivors live on without ever knowing the warmth of sunlight, and whether or not they are the last ones left on Earth. The Moscow Metro is the reluctant home for this new humanity and one you protect at all costs.

Price: $5.99


Breakneck is a high-end "endless runner" where you pilot a Wipeout-style hovercraft, avoid obstacles, boost to escape your enemies, and get as far as you can without dying. The graphics and sound are impressive (and it doesn't hurt that the game is compatible with Android TV), but the gameplay is a little simple - race, get upgrades, race, die, and repeat. Your progress is unfortunately limited by the freemium model.


Master your speeder and defeat your pursuers in high speed action across a world ravaged by an alien occupation. Fly at BREAKNECK speed as you pursue your mission and get as far as you can. The world is now occupied by invaders—and they are hunting you. Scramble through unfamiliar terrain, dodging obstacles and evading capture and destruction. Retrace and optimize your route to improve your distance. Test your limits and your control, and earn rewards for the risks you take.

Developer: PIKPOK
Price: Free+

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