Partnerships between keyboard makers and smartphone manufacturers aren't new — we all remember when Samsung started using Swype's technology on its keyboard a few years ago. So it isn't a surprise to see Fleksy striking a deal with an OEM of its own, as a way to extend its reach and installation base and as a benefit to the manufacturer who won't have to waste time and resources trying to develop a fast and reliable input method.

The deal in question is with Chinese manufacturer ZTE who will start bundling Fleksy with its smartphones. This includes Fleksy's fast keyboard and correction engine as well as its recently added rich content (GIFs, stickers, and emojis) and customization features (keyboard photos, colors, and effects). That image on the top of the article shows Fleksy sitting tight in its golden theme on a ZTE Axon Elite.

It's not clear if the keyboard will be available to existing ZTE devices in future updates, but the app has recently gone free so anyone can grab it and give it a try. You may need to shell out a couple of bucks for a few themes and extensions though.