You've decorated your house, you've put on a festive watch face, you can't help but see red and green Christmas stuff everywhere you go, so what about decorating your phone's messenger app? After all, this is probably the thing you look at most during the day, so adding some jolly good spirit would go a long way in making the holiday charm follow you all the time. Facebook agrees and so it has updated its Messenger application with lots of customization options and some end-of-year themed options.

You can now pick a specific color for each one-on-one or group chat, choose nicknames for people so that it's easier to find your Bae instead of scrolling through formal full names, and assign each chat a specific emoji instead of Facebook's like button (I'm thinking thumbs down or a grumpy face would go a long way here).

facebook-messenger-customization-1 facebook-messenger-customization-2

A snow animation gets triggered each time you send a Christmas or holiday-themed emoji or sticker, and chat heads will show a snow globe effect each time you receive a new message. That switches to confetti on New Year's Eve.


And finally, Photo Magic is now rolling out to everyone. Basically the feature works by automatically recognizing people in your photos and suggesting them as recipients to share the photo with. If there are several persons involved, it'll even suggest opening a new group thread to share the photo(s) with.

The update should be live on the Play Store for everyone, but if you don't see it yet for some reason, you can manually grab version for your device from APK Mirror.

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