Evernote has just decided to kill its sketching, drawing, and annotating application Skitch. The app hadn't been updated since March 2015, and even then it was a small bug fix release that didn't do much to improve the responsiveness, functionality, or speed of the application. Now Skitch is officially marked as done. Evernote will no longer update it as of today, and the app will be removed from the Play Store on January 22 although it will continue to work if you have it installed. The same fate is reserved for its Windows, Windows Touch, and iOS counterparts. However, the Mac application will remain (for some reason).

The same is true about Evernote's Pebble application — Powernoter is mentioned as an alternative — and the Clearly browser extension that has its article simplification features already in Evernote Web Clipper.

It seems like Evernote is doing some in-house cleaning and dusting to consolidate all of its efforts into its core product. RIP Skitch. You were awesome when you were first released, but you later started losing much of your appeal. However, I'm sure many of your more than 10 Million users will miss you.

The app was not found in the store. :-(