I may have said this before, but point-and-click adventures are my favorite type of game to play on an Android device (if you haven't, check out Gemini Rue). There is quite the selection available in the Play Store, and now you can add one more to that list. Peter Moorhead's Murder has made its way to our mobile platform of choice.

Murder is a murder mystery told in a cyberpunk future where much of what makes us human has turned into commodities. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality aren't experiments in this universe—they're an everyday part of life. Just look below. That's a lady reading a physical newspaper next to a guy wearing VR goggles waiting for the subway.

You play as Lieutenant Motomeru Minori of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, and like any good murder mystery, your case is dangerous and unusual. Stylized, pixelated visuals and voice overs guide you along as you search for the answers to your questions, introspective and otherwise. Unfortunately, judging from the one review already on the Play Store page, the game doesn't support immersive mode, which is a bummer.

Murder originally launched in October for PCs and Mac, but it wasn't expensive. It currently only costs $2.99 on Steam. Nevertheless, the Play Store version comes in at an even cheaper $1.49. With a lack of in-app purchases, if you have yet to experience this adventure, this is a cheap way to do so. The creators consider Murder a short story though, so don't expect the game to go on for too long.

Developer: Curve Digital
Price: $1.49