The holiday season is upon us, and for many that means Christmas trees, candy canes, and other related whatnots. This year, why not spruce up your wrist with a nice holiday-themed watch face? Don't look at me like that, just because you're that nerd with a smart watch doesn't mean you can't be festive. Here are five Christmas watch faces that are worth checking out.

Google Santa Tracker

Android Police coverage: Google's Santa Tracker Is Back For Another Year With A New Game And More Android Wear Goodies

No holiday season would be complete without the Google Santa Tracker. In addition to tracking the big red elf, there are also mini games, VR images, and (relevant to us here) watch faces. You've got both Santa and elf analog faces. They have animations and interactive touch. For Santa, the animation causes his hands spin around the watch face. The elf I think has a flying saucer fly through the background when you touch. I realize that doesn't make a lot of sense, but then, neither does Santa.


Play games with elves in jetpacks, rolling gumballs, sleighs powered by rockets and Google Cardboard. Once the 24th arrives, follow Santa in his journey around the world. To learn more, visit Happy Holidays.

Google Santa Tracker
Google Santa Tracker
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Christmas WatchFaces Pack

The tagline for this watch face is "Chrismas is coming," which I assume is just a typo. If we take the sentiment at face value, it sounds almost like a Game of Thrones reference. Christmas is coming, and Christmas happens in winter. Oh no, that means the White Walkers are on the way. But I digress, this app offers a variety of simple holiday watch faces. They will do nothing to protect you from the White Walkers. They do look pretty nice, though.


Chrismas is coming .

15 beautiful Christmas WatchFaces for Android Wear (santa, gingerbread, christmas tree, sugar cane, ...) .

Install application and just change your watchface .

This facewatcher takes care of your watch's battery.

Samsung Live Gear
Motorola Moto 360
LG G Watch / LG G Watch R
Asus ZenWatch

Christmas WatchFaces Pack
Christmas WatchFaces Pack
Developer: Jaouan
Price: $0.99

WINTER - Watch Face

I would venture that the Winter Watch Face from our old friend Tha Phlash is the "prettiest" one of the bunch. It's a snowflake with digital and analog time and a number of other indicators. It looks best on round watches, but square ones are not bad. The colors are all configurable as well. Since there's no overt Christmas design, I suspect this one will have wider appeal.


WINTER is a modern analog watch face for Android Wear. As easily dressed up as down, it’s a dependable style companion regardless of the occasion. Finding balance between oversize shape and fitted items, your talent in mixing and matching colors can make this watch face a personalized work of art.

Futuristic Interface with many settings and a clean look. The customization options are accessible by long pressing the watch face, or directly from the Android Wear app simply click the "gear icon".

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Christmas Watch Face

I suggest you read the description for Christmas Watch Face below, which is written in charmingly broken English. This watch face has a lot of animations and interactive touch features... that make it "magnetic." I think that's supposed to be something about being attractive? You can also change the "face needle style." That one I'm pretty sure is about a smooth or discrete second hand. Grammar aside, it's a watch face with Santa telling you the time. What more do you want?


Santa is a Creative watch face for Christmas Event and its available for all smart watches, a Interactive Touch makes it magnetic (It has been tested on Moto 360, LG G Watch R and Sony Smart watch 3).it is available for all kind of watches including round and rectangle. it has customization feature which allows you to change watch face needle style (Tick or Smooth).
it has following features

 Interactive Touch
 Kids Animation
 Animated Snow
 Santa clause Animation
 Animation Gifts
 Custom Ambient Mode
 Default Ambient Mode with Unlimited Colors
 square & round watches support
 Burn-In Protection through Light Ambient Modes
And it doesn't end yet, follow the new customization options, features and updates,
don't forget to make a comment and please kindly leave your feedback and suggestions.
(Note: You can do all the customization from the Our Mobile App, you can open our mobile app from you application menu)


 Turn On / Off Interactive Touch
 Turn On / Off Santa clause Animation
 Turn On / Off Kids Animation
 Turn On / Off Snow Animation
 Pick Your Favorite Ambient Mode
 Pick Your Favorite Ambient Mode Color

Christmas Watch Face
Christmas Watch Face
Developer: Genius Apps Studios
Price: $1.99

Christmas Sweater Watch Face

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a thing these days, but I feel like they were more amusing before people realized they were wearing "ugly" sweaters. Oh well, at least you can wear an ugly Christmas sweater on your wrist now. This is a digital watch face that also shows the battery, but the background and characters are done in the sweater style.  It's clever.


Christmas Sweater Watch Face for Android Wear .

This Christmas watch shows the basics of what a watch should display : hour & day.
Choose your sweater design and customize its colours to match your favorite sweater.

## Settings

This watch face allows you to choose your favorite christmas design (7 availables).
A few options are available:
- Added an option to choose to switch between small/big cards
- Added an option to define screen on duration
- 12/24hr format
- Switch between small/big battery indicator
- Added an option to display date instead of battery indicator
- Added an option to keep pattern in ambient mode
- Added an option to hide indicator in ambient mode

Settings are available in both watch and android wear companion (settings in the watch face selector).


Christmas Sweater Watch Face
Christmas Sweater Watch Face
Developer: thema
Price: $1.19+

And that's it. May your wrist be merry this holiday season.