Do you feel like you hate yourself to a sufficient degree? If not, Dotgears has just the thing—Swing Copters 2. It's the sequel to the original Swing Copters. That game was supposed to make you forget all about Flappy Bird, which the developer pulled after it became a cultural phenomenon. Swing Copters got a few million downloads, and now there's a second one

The thing about Swing Copters 2 is that it's really stupidly difficult, just like the first one. Your propeller-equipped whatever-that-is flies upward and weaves back and forth. You tap the screen to reverse direction, guiding him through gates to score points. I got one point, and now I think I'm done. It does look much more polished than the first one, though.

Flappy Bird was frustrating, sure, but it was an achievable kind of frustrating. Swing Copters 2 is only for the most advanced or self-loathing gamers. It's free to play with in-app purchases to unlock more characters and remove ads.

Swing Copters 2
Swing Copters 2
Developer: DOTGEARS
Price: Free+