I used to have a copy of Scribblenauts Unlimited for the Wii U. I caught it during a black Friday sale for $10 or $20 or so. For a console game, that was cheap. But now the title has made its way to mobile devices, and there it goes for a significantly cheaper $4.99.

If you've never played a Scribblenauts game before, let me spell this out for you. You take your finger, type out a word—virtually any word, as long as it's not trademarked—and Maxwell will bring it to the life. By adding adjectives, you can create a seemingly endless range of objects.


I hear you: why isn't the game called Spellonauts? Well, Maxwell doesn't spell things into creation. He draws them. The game is about him, not you.

Anyway, Scribblenauts was born on the Nintendo DS. Unlimited is the fourth entry in the series and the second one you can snag from the Play Store. Unlike prior entries, you have a world map to explore as you go about solving puzzles and collecting starites.


Unlimited costs a bit more than the previous release, but this is a full version of a game that used to cost a lot more. Even with 99 cent in-app purchases, you're getting a lot of content with this one. O-K-A-Y?

What, Maxwell, what do you mean you can't draw okay?