We've all mocked it plnety of times. We laughed at its silly mitsakes. We got annoyed when it sent the wrong words and put us in awkwrad situations with our boss or partner. We even blamed it for our own typos and inapporpriate messages when the recipient wasn't so welcoming of them. We ducking hated the living duck out of it when it stopped us from showing our ducking rage while typing a message and replaced it with ducking innocuous words. We witched about it at the top of our lungs. But have you ever stopped to think what Autocorerct thinks about us?

The Oatmeal has and yeah, it despises us just as much as we depsise it. It's still in its infancy in techonolgy years, but we exepct it to perform miracles with our sloppy typing and fat fingers while they hunt and poke at the screen like giants trying to catch ants. Look at the situation from Autocorrect's perspective and you'll see that we're the villians in this story. We're the ignorant neglignet typers who can barely find two right charactres in a row while typing a long sentence, let alone an entire word. We're the hurried assholds who can't take an additional second to proofread what we wrote before we send it and get into trouble for telling our mom we're getting fisted now, our friends we're craving shitpoles for dinner, our partner we'd buy them caskets if we could, and the random stranger at the gym that he's such a sexy taliban.


Those are all our faults, not Autocorrect's, and it's time we set teh record straight or we'll go to he'll. Autocorrect, we're so sorry. If these words torched your heat, could you please forgive us?