I can't honestly claim to be an old-school fan of Shadowgate, because when it was first published for the Macintosh in 1987, I was -2 months old. The original game was one of the first dungeon crawlers, advancing the player from room to room in a text-driven role-playing game that focuses on puzzles over combat, ruthlessly killing the player if he or she makes a misstep or doesn't keep enough torches around. It was kind of like Dark Souls, but with a greyscale color palette. Shadowgate is simple by modern PC and console standards, but its intricate worldbuilding and devious puzzles have made it a minor classic in the genre.

Now you can relive endless hours of instant death thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Shadowgate has been revived on Steam, and now on Android. The fantastic new edition that keeps the room-by-room, text-driven soul of the original, but adds gorgeous 2D sprite graphics that look like they're bursting off of the page. The remastered version has fully scripted cutscenes, all-new music, a choice of touchscreen interfaces, and a "retro mode" that uses pixelated graphics and the original beep-boop score. All that said, the game's core design and structure have been maintained.

The Android version of Shadowgate is five bucks, more than reasonable considering its lack of in-app purchases and advertising - it's good to see that someone can make a spiffy new version of a classic game without arbitrarily stapling the trappings of modernity (yes, EA, I am looking at you). Though it's compatible with all Android devices running 2.3 or later, the developers recommend a tablet or a phone with a large screen, and looking at the tiny text in the screenshots, I would too.

Developer: Reverb Triple XP
Price: $2.99