Star Wars? Star Wars Star Wars. But, Star Wars. The new Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars Star Wars, and Star Wars. Star Wars Star Wars, Luke Skywalker, original trilogy. Jar Jar Binks, ugh. Darth Vader. Empire Strikes Back best. <Mercilessly mock Hayden Christensen as an insufferable, mewling infant, featuring overt and excessive hand-gesturing.> Millennium Falcon! Remastered editions <audible hissing>.

Great. Do we all have it out of our systems? Nope? Yeah, me neither. Anyway, Google released a new Chrome experiment today (find it here) that utilizes your desktop Chrome browser and your smartphone's Chrome browser to turn your phone into a lightsaber, because Star Wars. You use this lightsaber to fend off the typically and hopelessly inaccurate fire of Stormtroopers (seriously, pretty sure Sand People would beat these guys in a markmanship contest, Obi-Wan) to escape an imperial Star Destroyer.

I won't spoil the ending, but the point of the game is to finish as quickly as possible and, probably, not throw your phone into a wall or screen and shatter it into a million pieces. Have fun!

Alternate title: [Schrroooom, Schrroooooom, My Hand, Darth Vader—You Mother Fucker, Ahhhhhhhhhhh] Use Your Phone As A Lightsaber In New Chrome Experiment