Google Play Books has a new feature called "night light" that should make tearing through text in the app in the evenings a bit less stressful on your ocular organs. The toggle, found in the same part of the UI as all the other in-text visual adjustments, works by slowly removing the amount of blue light on the screen the later in the day it is. The visual effect is to give the background an amber color which is supposedly less likely to cause visual strain in low ambient light.


Google says the feature is rolling out now, but if you don't have the latest Play Books update available to you, you're in luck: we do! Just hit up the APK Mirror download link below for version 3.7.45 of the app, which should work on any Android 4.0+ device. You can also hit up the official Google blog post on the update here.

One other new feature I noted in this version of the app is the option to receive notifications any time an author of a book in your library publishes a new book on the Play Store, which could be quite handy. Unfortunately, it's an all-or-nothing deal, so you can't pick and choose.

  • Download: Google Play Books v3.7.45 - APK Mirror

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