If you're reading this, chances are you know more about the topic than I do. I am not a developer, and although I have always wanted to dabble a bit with app and game development (at least when it comes to the basics), I can almost never find a single free minute in the day for me to do that. But I'll do my best to explain what this book and deal are all about.

Packt, a publisher of technology related ebooks, is giving away one free eBook each day until January 3rd. I suppose it's part of the holiday spirit. Today's eBook is "Android NDK Game Development Cookbook" which has over 70 game recipes using the Android Native Development Kit and two ready-to-run games. There are tips and tricks for different scenarios and enhancements too.


You can claim your freebie at the source link below, but you'll have to register to Packt first and be swift. There are less than 11 hours left until the offer expires and the giveaway switches to another book.