Google bundles Chrome with Android, but what about that other browser? Firefox has gotten pretty good these days, assuming you don't need deep integration with your Google stuff. The stable version of Firefox is getting an update today with the usual collection of tweaks and additions. Maybe it's time to give it another look.

2015-12-15 22.17.47 2015-12-15 22.16.22 2015-12-15 22.17.10

Here's the changelog for v43.

The most noticeable change is that the status bar is now tinted gray instead of the standard black. It's more in-line with Android's design these days, but it's a minor detail. The overall browser still has its own vibe. In the tab list you'll be able to see where audio is coming from, which is handy. The built-in reading list also has support for read and unread status.

The new version is live in the Play Store for everyone, so go get it.