The Galaxy S6 was a drastic (and welcome) departure for Samsung, and it's looking to capitalize on that success by refining the feature set of the upcoming Galaxy S7. The Wall Street Journal has a source claiming the new phone will adopt some ideas from other devices on the market, but as usual, take this sort of thing with a grain of salt.

Samsung will reportedly rig up its own pressure-sensitive screen to compete with Apple's 3D Touch display tech in the new iPhones. Of course, this will only exist on Samsung's Android devices, so developers who want to take advantage of it will need to use Samsung's APIs. Like this year's flagships, the GS7 will come in a standard and curved AMOLED design. The non-curved phone will also have a microSD card slot, which should make some people very happy.

It's not surprising, but the WSJ source also says Samsung will move to USB Type-C with the GS7. The first Type-C devices have just started shipping in the last few months, so the transition should be less painful next year. There's also a possibility the new Samsung flagship will have a retina scanner, a rumor that has popped up in past years. The source says this is much more uncertain, so don't be surprised if it doesn't come to pass.

The GS7 could be unveiled as early as February at Mobile World Congress, which would be unusual for Samsung. It has hosted its own announcements in recent years. The device could start going on sale around the world in March, according to the report.