Still looking for that perfect gift? Well, I don't know about perfect, but the Zenfone 2 is pretty cool and it's on sale right now for $30 off the usual $299 price. You can get this deal at most retailers including Amazon, B&H, and the Asus shop.

This deal covers is the "good" variant of the phone with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. The Zenfone 2 has a solid Intel Atom processor and an unlocked dual-SIM setup. It runs Lollipop with a skin, which is okay as far as such things go.

All colors are eligible for the discounted price, but it looks like Amazon is out of the gold model, so you're stuck with a higher price from a third party. B&H and Asus both have it in stock, though. Also be aware the $50 off Zenfone 2 Laser deal that was only on Newegg has expanded to Amazon and B&H as well.