My feelings on the Pixel C are no great secret, but Google's latest hardware product still undeniably delivers on the large-format, premium Android tablet promise the Nexus 9 kind of failed to live up to last year. The Pixel C is Nexus 10-like in its size, but the 1:√2 aspect ratio gives it a more squared-off shape, as opposed to the old Nexus 10's media-focused 16:9 layout.

While Google is positioning the Pixel C as a "pro" sort of device, aside from the keyboard dock, none of that productive promise is really yet delivered on. As such, for now the Pixel C is just like any other Android tablet, which may be desirable depending on just what it is you want out of a device like this. But a Surface Pro, it isn't.

The Pixel C could be a laptop stopgap for someone just looking for basic productivity app support (Google Docs and the Microsoft Office suite) and a web browser while also offering the portability and full-touch power of Android, though that's definitely a pretty narrow section of the overall tablet (or laptop) market.

Instead, the most common point of interest I see in the Pixel C to date is simply the desire for a high-end Android tablet, a la iPad. And that's just fine: I don't doubt the Pixel C will make good on at least that promise - it is quite clearly high-end. But is there really a strong demand, even among Android fans, for such a device? $500 is a lot of bread to put down for any tablet, even one as physically nice as the newest toy from Google's Pixel team.

So, that brings us to this weekend's poll: are you buying one?

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