Picture this: a new Chromecast, which is faster and generally better than the old Chromecast, and which costs $35. Now picture it essentially costing $15 if you at all regularly spend money on Google Play. That's basically today's new Chromecast Offer, which you can redeem if you buy a Chromecast and activate it starting two days from now, December 13th. So, if you're planning on some Chromecast stocking stuffers, do not forget to let your giftees know that you're extra-awesome and got them this super-sweet, super-exclusive $20 Google Play credit deal on their new dongle, because you're awesome like that.

The offer can be redeemed, like all Chromecast offers, in the Chromecast app. Well, it will be able to redeemed, once the promo actually starts in two days. If you're on the fence about a Chromecast, this could definitely be the deal to make that decision a lot easier. Remember: Google Play credit can be used for any Google Play purchase, and that includes recurring magazine subscriptions, Google Play Music All Access, books, apps & games, and of course movies and TV shows.

The offer briefly appeared on Google's Chromecast Offers site, but now it seems to have gone, so Google may have hit the go-button a bit early. That said, you can almost certainly expect it to show back up on Sunday.

It looks like the offer is live - the Chromecast offers page has been updated, and the Google Store is actively advertising the $20 credit for new Chromecast purchases. Unfortunately, it seems like older purchases aren't included (which sometimes happens with these Chromecast promotions), but with so much free credit flying around, it's worth a new purchase anyway. Apparently, the offer is valid in the U.S. and Canada.

Here are the full U.S. terms for the offer:

  1. Each promotional link is valid for one $20 Google Play credit.
  2. Must purchase a Chromecast device and complete initial set-up between Dec 13, 2015 and Jan 2, 2016 to qualify for the promotional credit.
  3. Not reloadable; no cash value.
  4. Offer expires on January 2, 2016.
  5. Credit must be added to a Google Payments account by January 31, 2016 and used on Google Play by January 31, 2017.
  6. Certain devices (including Chromecast Audio) and subscriptions excluded.
  7. Offer good in US only.
  8. Must be 13+ years old, US resident, have Internet access, and have or activate a Google Payments account.
  9. Limit one per Google Payment account.
  10. See Promotional Balance Terms at http://goo.gl/xgTSHM for more information.
  11. To redeem, go to chromecast.com/offers

An additional seems to be that your Chromecast must be purchased from the Google Store in order to be eligible, if a Google+ post from the Google Store is to be believed.