Last month, Microsoft made a very unpopular decision to cut back on OneDrive storage for all of its users, reducing unlimited Office subscriber plans to 1TB, replacing paid 100GB and 200GB plans with 50GB ones for newcomers, and taking 10GB back of free storage on all regular user accounts. The justification given was an "abuse" of the unlimited plan by some users who had created backups of multiple computers and stored over 75TB of storage. In response, the user uproar explained that "unlimited" is, by definition, unlimited, and Microsoft should have put a limit from the first place if it didn't want users to surpass a certain capacity. Otherwise, this wasn't an abuse. And it made little sense to pretend that those hardcore 75TB uploaders were the reason everyone got their storage pinched by a measly 10GBs.

OneDrive users took it to the service's UserVoice feedback page to let their disapproval known and the issue got over 72000 votes. Microsoft responded to the issue yesterday and acknowledged that its original announcement sounded like the company was punishing users for actually using its product. However, it did not backpedal on any of its original decisions (which you can read about in detail here). It did add one small amendment for users on the free 15GB plan who can head to a special site to request that they keep their storage and even their additional Camera Roll 15GB bonus if they have it, so they don't fall back to 5GB when the changes take effect.

In addition, for our biggest fans who have been loyal advocates for OneDrive, we are adding a new offer that lets you keep your existing 15 GB of free storage when the changes happen next year. If you also have the 15 GB camera roll bonus, you’ll be able to keep that as well. From now until the end of January, you can sign up to keep your storage at the link below.


It might not be a universal solution for everyone, but if you're a OneDrive subscriber or you keep an account for those "just in case" situations, it's good to know you can make sure you're not affected by the plan changes. You have about a month and a half to visit that page and request to keep your storage space.