Earlier this week Motorola began rolling out the official Marshmallow over-the-air update to the Moto X Pure Edition. That's the weird-ass name that Motorola gave the US version of its latest flagship - the international version, which differs only in carrier support, is called the Moto X Style. According to at least one of our readers in the United Kingdom, the Moto X Style is now receiving its Android 6.0 upgrade as well.

The rollout will almost certainly be staggered by territory, so I would imagine that it's propagating across Western Europe at the moment. Other locations will probably follow over the next couple of weeks if they're not being served already. If it's similar to the Android 6.0 upgrade in the United States (and it should be, since the Moto X Pure Edition isn't sold by carriers), it will be about a 650MB download, and won't include any major additions beyond those that are included in stock Android.

If you're a Moto X Style owner and you're seeing the over-the-air update alert, drop us a line in the comments. Tell us what country you're in and when the alert came in.

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