Google is currently running a promotion in the Play Store that could make you and someone you like very happy. Under Movies & TV you can find eight movies that, if you buy one, comes with a free copy you can gift to another person in the US.

Since there are only eight movies to pick from, not everyone will find something they're interested in. Options include Back to the Future, Despicable Me 1 & 2, E.T., Fast & Furious 6, Jurassic Park, Love Actually, and Pitch Perfect.

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The promo page shows each movie priced at $2.99, but those are just for rentals. You're looking at paying $9.99 to $12.99 depending on whether you want the HD versions.

The offer is limited to one per each of the eight movies, so you can gift more than one if you're interested in a couple of the films on this list. You must buy the movie by December 17th, and you have a month to redeem them afterward. On the other hand, the promotional link for the gifted movie will expire with 48 hours after your purchase, so you don't want to wait around.

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