There's nothing more heartwarming in the middle of a snowy winter than getting together with your family or friends to build a snowman. You can always count on the experience to throw you into a time machine and make you feel childish and innocent again. And the snow fights, man the snow fights! The joy of landing a big compact snowball smack in the middle of your target! Is there anything better?

But I digress. Snowy seasons aren't prevalent all year round in every corner of the world, so if you want to relive that pure joy while still enjoying a brain teasing game, A Good Snowman should fit the bill. It's a serene looking puzzle with beautiful graphics, a cute soundtrack, and plenty of adorableness to make you awwwwww and ohhhhhhh for hours.

a-good-snowman-1 a-good-snowman-2

You control a monster who just wants to build good snowmen, but he has to start small and build up his man by rolling snowballs on snowy patches of ground and making them bigger. Levels are filled with obstacles, grassy grounds that aren't very conducive to good snowman building, and weird layouts that will force you to prepare your moves ahead and rethink your strategy several times.

a-good-snowman-3 a-good-snowman-4

The game may look easy, but it's far from it. The difficulty, graphics, and lovable storyline all make it quite enticing, and explain why it is so well rated on Steam. It can be yours on Android for $4.99 (half of its Steam price) with no ads or in-app purchases. Grab a carrot and two olives and start building at the Play Store link below. Gloves optional.

A Good Snowman
A Good Snowman
Developer: Draknek
Price: $4.99