Remember cable? It sucked. You had to deal with commercials, and you could only watch what the network decided you should watch. It was a nightmare that many of us couldn't wait to — oh, some of you still have it? Oh, you like it? But... but why?

Anyways, times have greatly improved for cord cutters. There's YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, HBO Now, Showtime, Google Play, Watch ABC, CBS, Comedy Central, PBS, and so many other options for streaming video.

The downside? We have to keep up with what's available where. This conundrum has led to the proliferation of TV guide-ish apps that will tell you what's playing on which services (oh how things have come full circle).

Yahoo Video Guide is a new app that helps you discover what to watch and where to watch it. The Stream Now button lets you watch instantly from the relevant app. Consider it a less direct way of turning to Yahoo for video than installing Yahoo Screen.

Screenshot_20151210-141452 Screenshot_20151210-141501 Screenshot_20151210-141509

Thing is, the TV guide landscape is also increasingly crowded. We already have options like Fan TV and JustWatch.

As for Yahoo's strengths, the app supports over 30 services, including most of the ones I mentioned above.

Screenshot_20151210-141521 Screenshot_20151210-141530 Screenshot_20151210-141537

Yahoo Video Guide is free, but you will have to put up with banner ads. Think of them as commercials. You're already used to those since you like TV so much.

Yahoo Video Guide
Yahoo Video Guide
Developer: Yahoo
Price: Free