About a month ago, Google engineer Benson Leung went on an Amazon crusade against companies claiming to sell USB Type-A to Type-C charging and data cables. As Benson found out from his extensive reviews, most of them were selling non-compliant cables with the wrong kind of resistor that could potentially damage your Type-C devices (like the new Nexus 5X, 6P, Chromebook Pixel). The list of correct cables was small and the braided USB 3.1 USB 2.0 iOrange-E was among them. It also happened to be the cheapest back then at $14.99.

A month later, the situation has changed a little bit. Benson has reviewed about 60 different cables, and there are a few more options that got his seal of approval. Some even cost less than $10, but they're usually short, they use USB 2.0, and/or they aren't braided. (I personally don't have a preference among braided or not cables, but I know the former usually cost more.) The 2M (6.6Ft) iOrange-E is still among the best options and it costs slightly less than it did before at $12.99 (black or silver versions) or $11.99 (gold). But if you want to take a couple more dollars off the price, you can use coupon code V67XXMRU to get it down on any of these to $10.99.

You can use the coupon on one or multiple units of the same or differing colors. That should amount to a nice discount if you plan on upgrading several cables around your house and work or in your car and backpack to Type-C. Shipping is free for Prime members or on orders over $35.

If you want shorter 1M cables, Orzly is selling a multi-color 4-pack for $15.99 on Amazon. They're USB 3.0, not braided, and Benson Leung-approved.