You click an email address in a web browser on your laptop all ready to type out a message and boom.

What is this?

You find yourself staring at the wrong compose window.

Instead of Inbox by Gmail, you're back in plain old Gmail. Sure, it's the same email account, and it will still get the job done, but come on.

Well, now you can set Inbox as your default option.

Go to in Chrome, click on the JmJaM5a symbol to the right of the url, and voila! You will see a pop up asking if you would like to allow Inbox to open all email links instead of Gmail.

Screenshot 2015-12-10 at 11.58.13 AM

Doing so will change what you see at chrome://settings/handlers. Inbox should appear alongside Gmail and show up as your default choice.


Want to test it out? You can send a message to [email protected].

As for Firefox, we're not sure if the situation has changed. The pop-up does not appear, and this is what appears under about:preferences#applications.


Let us know if you see anything. This issue has been irking some folks for a long time now, as there have been absolutely no shortage of discussions across the web. It's good to see progress, even if it has been a year since Inbox became available.