Hello? It's me, I was wondering if everyone has heard this song already or if we'd have to go over everything. They say a good update is supposed to heal apps, but JetBlue ain't done much healing...

Well, it kinda did. Version 3.0 of the app got some important additions like check-in cancelation, seat upgrade, and info scanning, but the reason we're talking about it is the last line in JetBlue's changelog. You all know how we love an interesting changelog here at AP (example 1, 2, etc) because it shows the human side of developers and corporations, and this one caught our attention.


Enhanced check-in:
-  Add TrueBlue No., Redress No. or Known Traveler No.
-  Scan your info to make data input easier for passport or payment
-  Change/upgrade your seat before your flight (30min domestic/60min international)
-  Purchase additional bags or extras
-  Cancel your check-in if you need to rebook
•  Bug fix to allow retrieving mobile boarding pass on same-day return trips
•  Managed to make all these updates even though Adele called 1,000 times

Unfortunately, despite the devs boasting about all of their awesome work while Adele relentlessly hammered their phone lines, it seems that she still managed to distract them: multiple users are reporting force closes and crashes of the app right after the update.

At least they can say that they have tried, to tell everyone they're sorry for breaking their app...