Chrome to Phone used to be a nice way to receive links, directions, and notes from your Chrome browser on your Android device. The app's functionality was however rendered redundant after Chrome gained open tab sync across devices and Google added a way to send notes and directions (and reminders and alarms) from Chrome to your phone.

Chrome to Phone app's counterpart on the desktop, the Chrome to Mobile extension, was shut down at the beginning of the year and now the app has finally followed suite and been marked as deprecated on the Play Store. It will continue working until the end of March 2016, but users will have to find alternatives by then. We suggest using Chrome's built-in features, Pushbullet, or Join.

NOTICE: Chrome to Phone is no longer supported

Chrome to Phone was launched in 2010 to help bridge your desktop and phone experience by making it easy to send Web links to your phone. Over the years, Google’s core products have evolved to be more integrated across different form factors. As of today, Chrome to Phone is deprecated. The app will continue to work until Mar 31st 2016 after which it will no longer work.


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