Lexar currently has their top tier 128GB MicroSD card on sale for just $59.99 on Amazon. We've seen cheaper deals on 128GB MicroSD cards here at Android Police, but we have never seen a MicroSD card as speedy as this one sell for such a low price.

That speed is what sets this Lexar card apart. Using the included USB 3.0 reader, these cards can transfer files at a blistering 95MB/s, which is twice the transfer speed of the 128GB cards on sale last month. The card is also very highly reviewed, sporting a 4.6 star rating with 1,600 reviews.


Sixty bucks to double, quadruple, or octuple your phone's storage seems like a pretty sweet deal to me. If it seems like a good price to you too, you can pick one up here. Prime customers can take advantage of free two-day shipping.