I love my Nexus 7 2013. I bought it the day it was released in the US, shipped it over to Lebanon, and have used it daily ever since I received it. I find it to be the perfect size for reading and browsing, especially if you like holding your tablets with one hand. (I walk around reading on mine, I'm a bit weird like that.) The build quality also makes it awesome to throw on a bed or sofa without worrying about something getting loose or broken inside. It's also recently got Marshmallow, which makes it more up to date than most tablets out there.

That's why it's easily on the top of my recommendation list for cheap but good tablets for kids and regular users, and today I can even up my endorsement thanks to its latest price dip on Groupon. The online retailer is dropping 16GB Nexus 7s like they're last year's used Christmas ornaments. It was selling the tablet for $124 less than a month ago, then it lowered it to $109.99, and now you can find it for less than a hundred bucks. Will it ever get to $50? Will it be free by February? I don't know. I just know that this tablet is easily worth the $99.99 price tag, even two years after its release.

The naked black tablet version is out of stock, but you can grab one with a grey or pink travel cover for the same $99.99. If you want the green or orange covers, however, you will have to add $10. Bummer.