Pocket wants to be your reading home on the web and mobile. Whether it's the stories that you run across while browsing or checking social media, those that your friends share with you, or those that it thinks are interesting to you, Pocket serves them to you in their purest form, stripped of the superfluous ads, widgets, and stuff that you find on any web page. And now Pocket's recommendations, which it introduced in version 6, are getting more customizable and personal.

Instead of Pocket guessing what you might want to read, you can help it by following known story curators and friends. That way, your recommendations tab will populate with their shares as well as the regular Pocket curated stories. Everything is ordered by relevance, so you won't be seeing the newest shares first, but the ones that are most interesting and that you're most likely to read.

You can also recommend stories and even highlight specific sections of an article that you find interesting. Those end up on your newly available public profile page and will show up for users who follow you. Pocket is quick to point out that your saves are and will always be private. Only the stories you explicitly recommend are publicly available to your followers.

Pocket 6.1.1 makes your Recommended feed even more personal:
Follow your friends and other interesting people to see what they're recommending on Pocket.
Recommend the most interesting things you're reading and watching in Pocket to those that follow you, by tapping the Recommend button on any item in your List.
Important Note: Your saves to Pocket are (and always will remain) private. Only items you recommend will appear in your profile and in your followers' Recommended feeds.

Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.
Pocket: Save. Read. Grow.
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