If you have more than a dozen friends on Facebook, odds are pretty good that at least one of them has started tagging every person on Earth with suspiciously misspelled advertisements for knockoff Ray-Ban sunglasses. Facebook would really prefer that this not happen, or at least not happen quite so often. To that end the company introduced the Security Checkup feature to the web version of the social network, and now it's available on Android as well. Maybe.

Security Checkup does a few things. First, it examines your password and suggests changing it if it's not strong enough. Second, it sends you alerts if someone logs in to your Facebook account from an unfamiliar or suspicious location. (Yes, you're much more likely to see this alert when you log in from a hotel "business center" than from an actual attempt at fraud.) Lastly, it allows you to log out of remote browsers and apps from your current web browser or app session, which is handy for when you forget to log out of that aforementioned hotel kiosk.

Here's where I'd show you screenshots of Security Checkup running in the Facebook app. I'd like to do that, but at the moment it isn't clear if this update was sent out with the Android app update from December 7th - in which the only changelog entry is "improvements for reliability and speed" - or if it's coming in a future update. I'd like to check out the Facebook settings menu to see if it's in there, but the app crashes on my phone every time I tap the button. Progress!

In any case, you may or may not be able to access Security Checkup now (as implied in Facebook's blog post) or you may or may not be able to access it later. We'll see, I suppose.

Developer: Facebook
Price: Free+