This month millions of people will be travelling to see friends and family for various holidays. And that's great. What isn't great is a 12-hour car trip with five people and only one available DC outlet for five phones, two tablets, one Wi-Fi hotspot, and a USB-powered cup warmer. With a little advance planning and just ten bucks, you can avoid backseat scuffles and keep everyone charged and happy thanks to a 4-port car charger (compatible with Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 standard) from Amazon.

The Tronsmart unit isn't overly flashy or complicated, it's just 4 USB ports and a cigarette lighter adapter (and from the photos, it looks like it doesn't have any annoyingly bright LEDs, either). Note that it only comes with one MicroUSB cable, and only the left-most port (the blue one) is capable of using Quick Charge. The other three will output at 5 volts and 2.4 amps, which should still be enough to charge most devices even when they're at load.


The retail price on this charger is $19.99. To get it down to $9.99, use the coupon code 4PORTCAR when you check out on Amazon to cut the price in half. Free two-day shipping is available to Amazon Prime customers.