Every release of Android comes with some bug fixes, but they aren't usually worth going over one-by-one. That's not the case with the infamous Marshmallow MMS bug, which has slowly driven many of us insane over the last few months. Thankfully, it was fixed in Android 6.0.1.

Screenshot_20151111-131742 Screenshot_2015-08-11-19-09-02

This bug was triggered mostly when installed apps had access to the MMS database. Pushbullet users were particularly vulnerable. Whenever it did happen (usually after a few days of use), MMS messages would just hang when downloading. A reboot would fix the problem, but only temporarily.

The Google issue tracker thread on this attracted a fair amount of attention with many users reporting similar symptoms. It has now been closed with a message from a Googler stating the 6.0.1 update included a fix. So, it's a happy ending.