The Nexus 5X was, frankly, overpriced from day one. The 32GB 5X was a scant $70 less than a 32GB 6P, the latter being a substantially better device in most ways. As such, the Nexus 5X was predictably the only one of the two to get a Black Friday / Cyber Monday price cut. Google dropped the price of the 5X by $80, bringing the 16GB to $299 and the 32GB to $349.

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have ended, you'd expect that the 5X would have returned to its original price point, but no: Google has maintained a $50 discount on the device with no end date specified. That means the 16GB version is $329 and the 32GB is $379. $30 more than you would have paid during the better sale, but not a particularly huge difference.

The Google Store does still make this sound like a temporary offer, saying the device is "$50 off," suggesting the offer will end or be adjusted at some point. Edit: The Google Store states this price is good through December 30th, 2015. Though it's possible this will simply end up being the permanent retail price of the 5X, we just don't know. Given that the relatively low cost differential between the 5X and 6P has been often-cited since the handsets were announced, it wouldn't surprise us if this "discount" ends up being permanent.

You can also find the 5X for the same price on both Amazon and B&H, if you prefer to purchase from those stores. The only missing variant is on Amazon, which does not have the Mint color in 32GB. All other versions are available on all three sites.

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