We already consider ES File Explorer to be the simplest way to sideload APKs to Android TV, but we didn't realize our old approach was actually the complicated one.

You see ES File Explorer lets you send files from one device with the file manager installed to a second one that also runs the app. This means downloading ES File Explorer to both your phone or tablet and the TV you want to transfer an app to. After that, tap here, drag there, and you're done.

As it turns out, you can set that secondary device aside. All you need is your TV. ES File Explorer has a built-in web browser that lets you download APKs straight from APK Mirror to your set-top box (pictured above). Even better, you can bookmark the site and have one-tap access from now on.

To do so, just go to the side menu, scroll down to Google, search for "APK Mirror," open the site, go to the menu again, scroll all the way down to the bottom, then to the right where it says More, and lastly, add as a favorite.

Yeah, our minds are blown too.

ES File Explorer File Manager
ES File Explorer File Manager
Developer: ES Global
Price: Free+